Unsure On Which Car Mats to Buy?

We know it can be a little confusing but the main thing to remember when purchasing Carpet Car Mats is this. The 'Higher' the 'Grams Per M2', the 'Thicker' the Carpet. The 'Thicker' the Carpet, the more 'Durable' it will be.

For a longer mat life, we recommend purchasing a minimum of 650g Per M2 (Deluxe Car Mats). The 650g Per M2 Carpet is 'Automotive Approved', yet it's still classed as an 'Entry Level' Carpet.

If you're looking for something thick and extremely durable, we recommend purchasing a set of Luxury 980g Per M2 Car Mats, as you can expect these to last 'twice as long' as the 'Deluxe 650g Per M2' Car Mats.

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