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  1. VW T-ROC Car Mats Now Available

    Need VW T-Roc Car Mats?

    Help your VW T-ROC stand out and grab a brand new set of Tailored T-ROC Car Mats from only £21.99. The latest Volkswagen T-ROC is one Volkswagens latest SUV models to hit the automotive market. With sharp lines and eye catching detailing, the VW T-ROC offers good looks alongside practicality.

    Check out our full range of VW T-ROC Tailored Car Mats, Boot Liners & More by Clicking Here more...
  2. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Car Mats & More Now Available

    Need Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Car Mats?

    Get everything you need including Tailored Car Mats, Boot Liners & more from only £21.99. The new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross offers size, functionality and style, all jam packed into a SUV cross-over.

    Check out our full range of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Tailored Car Mats, Boot Liners & More by Clicking Here more...
  3. Understanding Carpet Thickness

    Unsure On Which Car Mats to Buy?

    We know it can be a little confusing but the main thing to remember when purchasing Carpet Car Mats is this. The 'Higher' the 'Grams Per M2', the 'Thicker' the Carpet. The 'Thicker' the Carpet, the more 'Durable' it will be.

    For a longer mat life, we recommend purchasing a minimum of 650g Per M2 (Deluxe Car Mats). The 650g Per M2 Carpet is 'Automotive Approved', yet it's still classed as an 'Entry Level' Carpet.

    If you're looking for something thick and extremely durable, we recommend purchasing a set of Luxury 980g Per M2 Car Mats, as you can expect these to last 'twice as long' as the 'Deluxe 650g Per M2' Car Mats.

    Why not check out the full range of products available for your vehicle? Shop Car Mats

    Do you have any questions about Car Mats? Perhaps you're interested in purchasing something to protect the Boot? Why not contact us? Click Here to send us a message. more...
  4. Understanding Boot Liners

    Buying a Boot Liner or Boot Mat Can Be Confusing...

    If you're provided with an variation option (drop down) on the Boot Liner product page, such as 'Upper Level, 'Lower Level', 'Space Saver Tyre' and so on, it means that depending on what your vehicle has installed, or your preference, the tailoring of that item will change. Check out our break down for the most common variations now.

    What should I look out for?

    If you're only provided the option to choose if you wish to add a 'Carpet Insert' and a 'Bumper Protector', it's likely there is no variation for your model. On the Boot Liner product page, you will notice further down the page a section (tab) named 'Important Part Information', here it will contain any information which we feel may be relevant to your model.

    If you're unsure, why not contact us with your query? Click Here to send us a message. more...
  5. Best Car Mats 2019?

    The Best Car Mats? Choose the 980g Luxury Tailored Car Mats from only £40.00

    Delivered to your door for FREE via a Next Working Day Delivery Service.

    Best Value For Money

    Priced lower than the competitor and your OEM dealer, the Luxury 980g Car Mats are fully tailored, customisable, and extremely durable. Each mat shape is based on the OEM original, and all mat sets are supplied with the correct and approved fixing system specific to your vehicle.

    The Best Car Mats Just Got Even Better

    The tightly packed 980g carpet pile offers unbeatable protection whilst instantly improving the overall look and feel of your vehicles interior. The Luxury Tailored Car Mats last 5 x as long compared to any standard Car Mat set due to it's robust carpet fibers.

    Why not check out the full range of Car Mats & Boot Liners available for your vehicle? Click Here To Find Your Model more...
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